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Even Skin Tone + Whitening + Bee Venom Mask 美白保湿均匀肤色
Publication time:2019-07-18     Reading times:

Even Skin Tone + Whitening + Bee Venom Mask 美白保湿均匀肤色 (90 mins)

Original $168 10 Times $1350

For uneven skin tone / Dry skin, Dullness, A very relaxing facial, and it is effective to correct skin’s dullness, sagging, and all signs of aging. Cooperating with the brightening serum, your face skin will become smooth, revitalized and moisturized. Diminishes hyperpigmentation and evens skin tone.


Including face cleaning. Steaming, exfoliation. Shoulder massage. blackhead-cleaning. High frequency. face massage, abolish pigment, whitening essence of import with ultrasound and bee venom masque.


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