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5 In 1 Deep Clean & Hydrate Treatment 小气泡水氧嫩肤
Publication time:2019-07-18     Reading times:

5 In 1 Deep Clean & Hydrate Treatment小气泡水氧嫩肤 (90 mins)

Original $198 10 Times $1500

For all skin types / A lot of makeup person. It's a special facial treatment with the water oxygen. the whole treatment will reduce wrinkle and puffiness. remove the dead skin cell layers. abolish pigment disorder promote skin clarity and drive products deep into the skin. It makes your skin whitening clean deep water tender skin oxygen pore shrinking activate the collagen regeneration


Including face cleaning. exfoliation, steaming. Shoulder massage, black head - cleaning with machine, high frequency, shower for pores, oxygen, face massage. essence delivered and locked up with cold hammer, professional masque we recommend this treatment for all skin type protection.


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