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Firming & Lifting Treatment 抗皱紧肤护理
Publication time:2019-07-18     Reading times:

Firming & Lifting Treatment 抗皱紧肤护理 (90 mins)

Original $178 10 Times $1450

For all skin type / sagging skin. It’s a specialized facial treatment with the efficacies of texture delicate, RF is to use high frequency of current to activate skin cells in order to enhance the enzymes activities to strengthen circulation. The method of RF is the usage of the electric penetration technique that generates fixed pulse currents causing the dermis to rapidly expand 600-800 micro pores within 2 seconds. They instantly form multiple channels for nutrient delivery, so that 99% of the desired nutrients can be effectively and safely delivered to the cells, result in skin more elastic, smoother and lasting beautiful.

适合所有皮肤 / 松弛,下垂,预防早衰。RF是利用高频电流激活皮肤细胞,以增强酶的活性,加强血液循环。它的原理是使用产生固定脉冲电流的电动穿透技术,使真皮层在2秒内快速膨胀600-800个微孔。它们立即形成多种营养输送渠道,使99%的所需营养物质,能够安全有效地输送到细胞中,使皮肤更具弹性,更光滑,更紧致。

Including face cleaning, steaming, shoulder massage, blackhead-cleaning, high frequency, RF, massageanti-aging mask.


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